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'03 R1150RT tire source and suggestions on brand


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I am looking for suggestions for online tires (brade and model as well as supplier). South West isn't taking orders for a couple of days. I am sure it has been covered here before but in my searches I haven't had any luck.


links to previous discussions would be great!





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My personal preference is the Metzler ME880 radial. However, you will get as many different answers on this as if you'd ask which religious cult you'd rather have knocking on your door. But the 880s are the #1 choice for me. The local dealer used to have a good deal, but now under new management, their deals have dried up. I have found good deals at American Motorcycle Tire. Google that one 'cuz I can't remember the website address.


I think you'll really like the 880s.

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I have Dunlop 220s on my 04, they came brand new on the bike when I bought it a couple weeks ago. 2000 miles or so on them, mostly solo and they look beat. I'll be surprised if they make it 5000 miles.


They do stick nice.



A buddy has Metzeler Z6 on his '02 and he's loving them. About the same mileage and they look better than the Dunlops.



I haven't heard anything bad about the 880s other than they might not be as sticky as the Z6 or some others. We live in a pretty good age for tires - I've never had any that really sucked.


That said, one local shop is steering folks to Avons rather than Metzelers. Based on their advice, I put Avon Distanzias on my 1100GS rather than replace the Metzeler Tourances (which went nearly 10k miles - and if I was pushing it they had another thousand in them). My initial impression of the Distanzias is quite favorable - I put about 1500 miles on them before selling the GS and they are every bit the tire the Tourance is, and were wearing very well.


My next tires on the RT may well be Avons, or I'll go w/ the Z6 based on my buddy's positive experience- whichever my preferred tire mounting shop has in I won't sweat it.

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I have the Michelin Road Pilots on my '04. I have been happy. They are a little loud as far as road noise but not too bad. From the checking and talking to people I've been doing I think I am going to try Avons next. I originally had Dunlops...NOT impressed!

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Thanks everyone for the input...I ordered the ME 880's from Motorcycle-Superstore.com 256.00 for the set. Shipping from OR to OH, should be here next week, kind of a bummer. This is a $80.00 savings over picking them up locally even after paying 10 bucks/tire additional (30/tire 60.00 total...ouch!) to get them mounted.


I have a couple of long trips planned this summer from OH to Texas and Mississippi. We'll see how they hold up.


Thanks again,


Kev (who might be looking into a tire changing and balancing setup) any suggestions on that one?

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