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Yet Another R1200GS Windscreen Thread...

Ken H.

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Sorry all, I know we get tired of certain repetitive subjects, but after a lot of searching I still can't find quite the windscreen I'm looking for... Basically I want one that is shaped similar to the stock screen, but is about 3" (8 cm) shorter. The stock one measures about 15" (38 cm), I'm looking for one that is about 12" (30 cm) or so.


Any ideas / sources anyone knows of?


Alternately I'm thinking about trying to cut down a stock one (I have two) but I'm not sure I can get the cut off edge to then look good cosmetically. I'm not a plastics person. Any hints on that subject?

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Husker Red

Ken, I'm sure you could cut down a stock screen to your liking. I cut down the stocker on my r1100rt last year using a grease pencil, masking tape and a jigsaw. (I think a bandsaw would work better, but I don't have one.) I then used a few different straight files on the edge followed by some different grits of sandpaper and it looked pretty good. I did the job quickly (maybe an hour or two) but I'm sure if I took my time it would have looked excellent instead of just pretty good!


Good luck!



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Jim VonBaden



I've done this a couple times. I cut it with a Dremel, though some use a jig saw. Then progressive sanding of the edge using 200, 400, 600, and 1000 wet paper. Use blue painter's tape over the screen near your work.


It came out nearly perfect. Just one spot when I got impatient.


Jim cool.gif


PS I did my 1100 as well.

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So what do you think of the cut down Jim? Is your helmet/head in smoother air as a result? Still takes some of the upper body/chest pressure off?

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