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Helmet clip for Autocom Lead - Suggestions?


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For a few years I've used these black plastic clips to secure my Autocom Lead to the rim of my helmet (RF-1000). Before I had an Autocom unit I purchased a set of helmet speakers from Aerostich and they came with two of these black clips - they ended up working perfect so I used one for my helmet and one for the wife's. They have one tab that slips under the shell and one that slides over the other plastic rim. Just used a small machine screw to secure them. Problem is that I've installed Autocoms on three other bikes for friends and haven't been able to find a good replacement for these clips.


Any suggestions?

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I don't use a clip but I "hot glue" the lead to the inside of the shell. Hot glue holds it firmly but can be removed with a little effort.

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I have been using plastic wire holders (not zip ties). They are available in a variety of sizes in the electrical section of your local home improvement monstrosity for a pittance.


It is a small plastic "loop" with a hole where a screw can be used to tighten it down. I use them to secure the boom mic in my headset (non autocom) as well as the cable.


If this doesn't make sense I can snap some pics and send your way.



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