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Good day, Bad day


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Yesterday was a good day and a bad one, first the good. I found and purchased the Ducati I have been wanting to give the R1200RT some company in the garage. A beautiful low mileage 04 ST-4s in mint condition. I am looking forward to picking it up today and will be hitting the back roads with her this weekend. Now the bad. Also yesterday I was in my car sitting behind a school bus waiting to cross a 4 lane intersection near home. when the bus began to pull across out of the corner of my eye I noticed an approaching motorcycle. My immediate thought was the bus is not going to make in time. Sure enough the motorcycle broadsided the bus at about 55 MPH. I can't remember if the bike tried to swerve or even applied any brakes, I don't think so he had precious little time to do anything. Thankfully the paramedics were there quickly and he was flown off in an Evac. helicopter in short order. As a witness I later received a call from the officer doing the accident investigation and I under stand the rider is in critical condition but expected to male it. He was wearing a full face but that is about all of the safety gear I noticed. since I may be called on in an official setting to relate what I saw I don't think I am going to offer any speculation here. Needless to say it was a terrible thing to happen and made me rethink just why the heck I ride these things. Believe me when I say you NEVER want to see anything like that. I will pick up that Ducati today, but you better believe I will add an extra dose of caution on bringing it home.

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Sorry you had to see that. It can certainly be a de-tuning factor.


I can't help but wonder how the motorcyclist failed to, by your account, take anything like evasive action or apply brakes. Maybe he was going much faster earlier or was distracted and not paying attention. After all, a school bus is a pretty big thing and most of 'em are bright yellow. Not hard to notice one moving and they don't accelerate all that well.

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Another example of "I didn't see him?" Was the bus full of noisy school kids? Driver on the phone? It's a shame DMV does not test in a better real world mind set especially with large vehicles. Our world would be a safer place if we used the same rigorous testing Europe and Japan uses.

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+1 on what Ed said.

And also sorry you were witness to that...

but we learn alot from others mistakes (hopefully).

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Certainly no one wants to see anyone injured. I hope the rider recovers quickly. Was the intersection controlled by a light or stop sign? Who had the righ of way in this accident?

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Unfortunatley the school bus did have childern on board, it was a terrible ting for them to witness. The M/C definately had right of way as the school bus was crossing the intersection at a stop sign from a side street. I agree it was another case of "I did not see him" I am only speculating the rider did not use his brakes but it did appear that way. I know he did not swerve, it happend so quick and yet it seemed to take place in slow motion. I picked up the Duc. today and road it back some 90 miles most on a very busy interstate where if you are only going 80 your a hazzard. I can tell you my neck is sore from so much looking around I was on edge for most of the trip, unfamiliar bike and still upset from the events of yesterday. After an hour I calmed down and enjoyed the ride a bit. Coming off an R1200RT, (still have it) This bike is a hoot, such power in the wrong hands it would be a very dangerous toy. I love it. I think I have the best of both touring and sports riding now. I love these two bikes. The quandry will be Which one do I want to ride today.!!!!!

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Unfortunately it kind of reinforces the old adage that when on the bike it's not their responsibility to not hit you, it's your responsibility to not hit them. We may be in the 'right', but we're still the ones who end up getting wronged.

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Never, Never assume school bus drivers are professionals,

They absolutely are not.

We have had so many accidents in our area with school buses.

Just yesterday my wife was waiting to cross the road, on foot, and watched as a school bus turned and hit an elderly lady walking across the road.

Fortunately she ended up with bruises and no bones broken.

Amazing how we put our offspring in vehicles, not meant to carry people, more like cattle cars and then put harried house wives and other unqualified people in the drivers seat.

Sorry for your view of the accident.

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