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Neutral Indicator Light


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I am still learning about my '96 RT and appreciate the information that I get from the folks on this site...I wonder if anyone has experienced a "balky" neutral indicator light...I can stop at a light, shift into neutral...have a "0" on the RID but the light on the dash doesn't come on for anywhere from a couple of seconds to sometimes 15 or 20 seconds...no big deal but I wonder what I can do to at least make it consistent.



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It's not uncommon for the neutral switch to get a little sticky and take some time to come on. The only real solution is to replace the switch. Unfortunately, that requires pulling everything back of the tranny to get to it. Most just deal with it until other service requires them to pull the bike apart.

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When I did the clutch and all important spline lube over the winter I replaced it and now it works fine everytime.

See you in 2 weeks thumbsup.gif

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+1... at least we have the gear selection display to make sure we're in "0"! It usually comes on after a short while when it doesn't come on right away...

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