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Another Comparison Thread?


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Since we have drifted into This vs That...

I have one that has been on my mind.


Lets look at RT's vs RS's... that would be older model R1150RT vs K1200RS... lets say early 2001, 02/03/04's vintages.


Comparo points on Touring Comfort and Fun on the long runs, Ease of Ownership, Low speed and High speed behavior, and Passenger Comfort/Ergos?


What say you all?

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As the operator of a 99 K12RS I can address this by saying that I have explored the much vaunted high speed of it as well as the low speed and find it to be extremely fun to operate at either end of the curve. I have yet to take a really long trip (1,000 miles or more) so can't address that side of the question. I am a 60 year old rider with a few more than 2 million miles on various bikes to put this in some perspective on my response. I have not owned any other BMW machines, so can make no statements regarding them.

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RT's are for wussies.

Get a K, either 2002+ for RS or a GT.

Who cares about anything but the ride?

And you will like the ride.

Longest trip so far @6k. Fast enough, great brakes, plenty of torque, can plug in 2 Gerbing jacket, 2 heated gloves, heated seat, Motolights & PIAA's, GPS, XM, running lights, light buddies, cruise, and still have power left over.

Carries 2 people and all gear, either for touring or camping, with ease.

Try it, you'll like it. thumbsup.gif

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