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The great state of Maine


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I’ve done this loop a few times, but it never gets old for me. If you like to see wildlife on your travels, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with this route. The nice riding starts on rt153 in NH. This road parallels rt16 or the Spaulding Tpk. It twists & turns north along the Maine & New Hampshire border. The first stop was in Cornish ME to revisit some childhood memories of my riding partner Dave & grab lunch of course.


This is a spot that Dave would Bicycle to some twenty five years ago. The picture is overlooking the Saco River on Tucker rd.


With nostalgia out of the way, we made our way back to 16n & stopped at Mt Washington. Our plan was to ride to the summit on the auto road but, it was being rented by a classic sports car club from Connecticut. They were running timed races up the road.



We stopped in Errol NH at a trading post for some snacks & found this bike in the parking lot. We talked with the owner for a bit, & asked if he was worried about getting parts. He said he bought two dealerships inventory & has just about every part for the bike.


Continuing north on 16, this is where the moose count began. Between Errol NH & Stratton ME we saw fourteen of the beasts. This is a record number of sightings for me. They were a little more camera shy on this trip than in years past.




We stayed in Rangeley ME the first night at the Rangeley inn. I had recommended this place a few times in the past, but now say look elsewhere. The price of the room went up eighteen dollars after the first quote, & we were told after paying that we were out back in the old motor lodge. There are plenty of options in town so look around. This is a new scenic overlook of Rangeley Lake on rt4.


After leaving Rangeley we headed farther north to Moosehead Lake. We stayed on rt16 to rt201a then to rt201. Rt201 runs along the Kennebec River & is a beautiful road. These were taken just south of Jackman overlooking Attean pond.




Hang a right on rt 6/15; this will take you to Rockwood ME. As you come in to town Mt Kineo catches your attention. On the southeast side of the Peninsula there is an eight hundred foot rock face that rise’s up out of the lake. There are two hiking trails to the top & a ranger’s tower you can climb for a spectacular view of the lake.




This is the Kennebec River leaving Moosehead Lake.


We continued south on rt 6/15 to Greenville Junction & stopped for some gas. Across the street from the convenient store is Currier’s Flying Service. They have a few classic old Sea planes there. A few years back they had a DC3 with floats on it. I was told it didn’t like to break the surface of the lake on take offs & burnt more than one engine trying, its now back on land at the Greenville airport.




After all the Lake’s & Mountains it was time to see the coast, next stop Bar Harbor. On our way to Bangor we stopped to take a look a these retro camper’s they were neat.


We Ended the day is Ellsworth just west of Bar Harbor. The next morning we rode in to Bar Harbor, had breakfast at Jordans restaurant, very good food.


After we ate we took in the sights in & around Bar Harbor. Here are a few pictures of the area.



Cadillac Mountain




Acadia National park








Ok, dope slap time, the phone rings (I hate cell phones) my wife calls and says our son missed school because of a stomach bug & she couldn’t work so could we cut the trip short. So six hours later I rolled into the driveway, it was a great ride even though being a bit rushed. It was just less than nine hundred miles for three days of riding. Oh ya the boy is just fine.



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great ride tale! Sounds like a great time, even though a little short ;) Thanks for the pictures to bring me back...


i'm a little nostalgic having spent a summer in ME a few years back (summer of 02?) living in Bar Harbor. I worked at National Park Sea Kayak Tours on Cottage Street.


It was a great summer grin.gif

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Nice tale and pix. Maine is a wonderful state to visit. I have a friend in the Belgrade Lakes area and I love to travel there.

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Great way to start my Friday. thumbsup.gif

Maine just moved up on my to do list. Glad to hear your

son is better.


Although the winters here can be long, and hard, the spring, summer and fall are why I love living here.... clap.gif

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Excellent story and great pictures, Pat!


Hey, friends of mine have been looking for a DC-3 on floats (they made one for Flight Simulator). You're sure that thing is still around there? Do you have any more information !?


The plane in the photo, behind the wonderful Jeep, is a DeHavilland DH-2 Beaver..... cool !! smile.gif



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Great travelogue! I have done most of that in the car and am considering biking it from here to Seal Harbor, Mt Desert in a couple of weeks. Have done Cadillac on a borrowed airhead before and after season...the only time to do it! Congrats, and thx fo the great shots.

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Nice ride. I'm going to have try this route in my travels. I've seen a signs to watch for moose in NH and ME, but I've never seen one.

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