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Burning gear oil smell


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Was wondering if anyone has experienced this. I have an 05 RT, with 10,900 miles on it. After returning from a ride I get the smell of burnt or burning gear oil and occasionally see very faint smoke in the headlight when entering the garage, I find no leaks on the ground or about the exhaust, was wondering if anyone else has had this symptom. Hope to wait until the 12,000 mile service to have it checked.



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Go out and check underneath near the rear where the transmission joins up with the motor.


Check the clutch slave area as well.


Don't wait to check this out. If you are having a rear seal leak and it contaminates your clutch you may have an expensive repair on your hand.


Yes, I know, it's still under warranty. There have been reports in the past where the clutch components have not been covered even though the oil may have been the culprit.


If you see what appears to be moisture at these points, head in and have them take care of it.


If you don't do your own maintenance, have them do the 12k while it's apart if, in fact, there turns out to be a problem. Warranty would probably cover most of the labor for things that will have to be removed anyway.

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