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RT-P Group at Moscow LEO Funeral


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I'm not sure how many of you noticed my home of Moscow, Idaho made news last week; and not for something good. A guy from town killed his wife, shot up the courthouse, killed a city police officer (also wounded a deputy sheriff), and killed a church care-taker before he shot himself. Stay with me, there is a ride tale here.


Moscow is a small town, especially when the University of Idaho students leave for the summer. I hadn't met Lee Newbill (the officer who was killed), but I'm friends with other folks directly involved. This kind of tragedy impacts everybody in a small community.


Last Friday was the funeral, and there were roughly 400 police vehicles from all over (Canada too) to participate in the procession. I was heading to work that morning when I passed a dozen motorcycle officers (from Ada County Idaho I think) on their brightly polished RT-P's, all in formation and headed to pay their respects.


I hadn't been openly emotional all week, but at that moment I had to stop and get some control. I'm not sure why it had that impact, but it was awesome. I know there are a good number of law enforcement folks on this forum. Thanks again for suiting up every day.



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Thanks for expressing that. We don't want medals or fancy mansions someday. Just once in a while people say thanks and actually mean it.

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We never enjoy seeing you guys in our rear view mirrors, but always enjoy seeing you when we need help. Thanks for serving. Mike wave.gifthumbsup.gifclap.gif

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Thanks again for suiting up every day.
+1 Amen to that, brother.


+1.. My hat is off to all of the men and women who are out there putting their necks on the line to try and make it a better and safer place for all of us..p.s. This goes for all the service men and women too.. thumbsup.gif


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