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Radar detector interference


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Everytime my rpms pass thru the 3k range something triggers the Escort.When it was on the RT it only triggered ocasionally,but on the new bike it seems to be an everytime occurance.I can also hear the clutch switch everytime its activated.Its currently powered from an accessory block and I'm not using and other devices with it.



Any suggestions on how to eliminate this triggering.I was about to purchase an in line filter from radio shock,but thought someone might have a better solution.

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Jerry Johnston

A filter might work if you're sure it's coming trough the line voltage. Connecting it directly to the battery with a shielded line might do it as well.

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Todd, along the lines of what Jerry is suggesting, I'd be looking at your ground. If you are grounding somewhere forward on the bike, you might have quite a voltage differential compared to the battery. Connecting directly to the battery may clear up the interference.


Also, run any wires away from the spark plugs and coil, but I'm probably preaching to the choir on this. wave.gif

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Hey, aren't they illegal in VA, you law-breaker? smile.gif


So is having a person driveway to the blueridge parkway....but...... eek.giflmao.gif



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