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R1150RT bar back issues


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I did a search on this, but couldn't refine the search enough to find my answer. I'm considering a set of bar backs for my 2002 R1150RT. Noticing stiffness/pain in my upperback/neck at the end of my commute that I think a more upright seating position would help.


Anyone had issues with these? Any downside at all?

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I've used a set of bar backs on my R1100RT and R1150RT and prefer them for the same reason. They move the bars up about 3/4" and back about 3/4". I came off a LT and felt I leaned farther forward on the RT than I liked. The bar backs helped and I also ride with the seat in the middle and lower positions. I'd like the pegs a bit more forward and I may make that change, too.


I was thinking the other day about putting a pair of new shocks on the bike and altering the height of each...1 inch higher in the front and 1 inch lower in the back. This would rotate the entire bike fore and aft 2 inches, giving the rider a more upright riding position without having to adjust everything independently.


Any thoughts on this approach from you more experienced RT riders?



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I had the same issue.


I used the barbacks and the the master yoda riding position.


I rode 300 miles on Saturday, no pain at all. Make sure you torque the handlebar bolts properly. 2 of mine backed out, 1 was loose, and only one was tight.

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