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Bmweerman Week 3 Wednesday


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Today's been filled with successes, discoveries, and frustrations. Seeing Cameron this morning all smiles, waving me to come in and telling me hello, was a great way to start the day. Before long, the morning parade of scrub-attired people started its usual procession. It was announced that they were going to put a different kind of appratus in his neck, a trach device that would allow him to speak with his own voice and free up his breathing a little.


The doctor came in with a pretty high tech looking gadget and in a very few minutes, and a lot of coughing on Cameron's part, the new hardware was installed. It's much trimmer in looks and seems to be much more comfortable. They instructed Cameron to talk plenty today as that will exercise his throat muscles. So, he did. By my evening visit he was just about talked out. If all goes well through the night they may be removing it altogether in the morning.


There's more discussion of getting him to Bakersfield and how that will happen as well as when and where he will go. Discharge planners are busy working out the logistics of such a move and the doctors are closely monitoring his progress. A culture was taken this morning to see if the staff infection is still present. They'll have the results of that in a couple of days. I think that's a big factor in his relocation as I've been told that few doctors would be willing to open someone up who is still fighting such infection. It sounds like the direction they are going as to where is Kern Medical Center, since it's a trauma hospital and thus equipped to handle his needs. After his leg surgery, they would transfer him to a residential rehab. place, probably Health South, for his physical therapy. No one is giving and definite answers yet. It all depends on how Cameron does in the next day or two.


After they did all the messing around with him this morning, he needed a good rest so I decided to go on another photo expedition. This time I headed to the reminents of a volcanic plug, known as Shiprock. There is a small town named after it, that's where the bike was taken after the accident. I took some pics, but they didn't turn out too well as it was a little hazy today.


During this trip out of town I, also, stopped by the towing yard to find out how much "bail" would be to get the bike out of impound. Much to my surprise, fear, anger, etc. (pick an emotion), the bike wasn't there. According to the owner, the insurance co. sent a tow truck to pick up the bike a few days ago and had it taken to Albiquerque. I wasn't informed of this and eventually decided to be really pissed at this situation. (Let's just rub a little salt into our present predicament.) So, I called our agent, who is fantastic, and told her what happened. She's checking on it for me, but in the meantime, I have no idea what I'm going to do about getting the bike home. Hopefully, she'll have some information for me tomorrow.


It was nice to end the day with a little conversation with Cameron and then when I returned to my "home", some chatting with a couple who is staying here, as well. Overall, today was a good one, once my blood pressure calmed down. (A little scream therapy, please.) eek.gif

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Glad to hear Cameron is feeling better and things are looking up.


As far as the insurance company, normally one of the last things they do on a total loss vehicle, is have it taken to their own facility for a final review and verification of the damages and value reported by the adjusters


They should have let you know that was happening thought!


Keep the updates comming & hang in there!



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Glad to hear Cameron is doing better. Thanks for keeping us posted and please let him know that there are a lot of us out here pulling for him...and you.

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Thanks Patti. I don't know why I'm so caught up in your's and Cam's awful situation. I guess that I feel you're family like so many others on this board. I've never met either of you, but have enjoyed his posts and now your candid writing. I'll be in Los Angeles in early July for two weeks and would be happy to bring a little taste of the PNW to perk you up. I'll keep my eyes peeled here for a welcome home announcement.


In the meanwhile, keep your head up and keep the faith. This will turn out okay and will bring you guys closer than ever before.

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Thanks, as always, for the update, Patti. I'll keep an eye out for when you guys will return and plan to come see you ASAP.


Although I'm sure progress is slow and measured, it's been good news coming from you and I'm so grateful for that--I'm sure we all are.


Keep taking good care of yourself and get Cameron talking. He'll have a lot of talking to do when you both get back into town.


Thanks again; you're both in our thoughts.

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