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Roadside Tire Changing in AK Yesterday


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As me and BB (who I met yesterday at the Alaskan border) were on the Glenn Highway, we came up on a guy trying to get down the mountain with a flat tire. This was about 70 miles outside Anchorage. The guy (Scott) was bringing two new tires to town to get them changed out and just ran out of rubber. The roads up here are very rough in many places, but better the closer you get to town. We pulled over to help him out, and decided to try changing out the tire on the side of the road.




The pictures hide the incline of the road, which was a little steep.

We couldn't find a way to keep the bike up right and on the centerstand so that we could pull the tire. Scott went to the side of the road and broke off an old branch to support the back of the bike.




We used my bike's sidestand to break the bead off the tire.

Fortunately, BB had some tire irons and we got to work.

Getting the old tire off was a bitch (z rated tire).



He ran out of rubber on the rough road. My back tire's eaten up too, and it's only got 4300 miles on it since Tuesday last week. I changed mine out today out behind the Anchorage BMW.



After goofing around trying to get the new tire to bead out, and having used BB's 12v pump, my 12v pump, all of Scott's CO2 cartridges I suggested that one of us roll down the hill with the new tire, get it inflated at the next gas station, and return.

BB went.




He didn't go far.

By now it was about 10PM.

He found two lonely (and homely) ladies down the road who had a compressor and was kind enough (interested in him enough) to let him use it. We got Scott back on the road and got to town around midnight.


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And jeez, that was some rolling along for three days of travel. From Waterton to Grand Prairie via the Icefields Pkwy (850 miles, cuz of catching park stamps), then Grand Prairie to Whitehorse (about 976 miles), then Whitehorse to Anchorage (about 750 miles). Throw in there some bullshitting time for riders on the road, drinking a cup of coffee with Jacky and her three male escorts, catching six Canadian National Park stamps, and my week is starting to have a 'full' appearance.

O, and I saw some bears. Here's one:




And some buffalo:



Looks cold, don't it?


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Damgn. That brings back a few memories. Wish I was there again.


In fact, I may need to go back! thumbsup.gif


Keep on writing, please.

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That was kind of you to stop and take the time to help one in need. I've have been passed up many times,and I've passed others that have needed help. I'm glad you were able to be of assistance. Thanks for posting and have a great trip. clap.gif

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