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How to de-code the radio


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Hi again,


New R1100RT (2001) owner. I'm sure to ask a bunch of novice questions, so bear with me.


My new bike came with AM/FM/cassette, but without any manual for the radio and without an antenna. Right now, it shows 5 999 on the display, which I assume means it's in security lockdown.


There is a 4 digit code written on the back of the owner's manual, but I'm not sure what to do with it. I tried punching it in, but that doesn't seem to magically unlock it.


Could someone give me the proper sequence to unlock the radio? I'd like to confirm that it works at least.


Thx in advance.

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Quoted from a similar thread...

From the instructions....


1. Turn on ignition

2. Turn on the radio

3. Enter your code using the preset buttons.


After the last code number is entered, the radio will activate. If you make a mistake while entering the code, press and hold the BAND switch until the code numbers disappear, then start again.

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