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Bike-To-Bike Bluetooth by Interphone-review


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I needed bike-to-bike comm. so wife & I can converse while riding our R12RT's. Did not want "push-to-talk" and wires dangling all over the place. I read the reviews for Interphone Bluetooth--they seemed believable--so I ordered 2 units and used them last weekend on a trip into WV. These gizmos have totally transformed my (our) riding experience. The units work exactly as advertised. Apparently the mics & circuitry filter out the noise frequencies and enhance the voice frequencies because at 70mph there is NO background noise, only our voices. And it is "full-duplex" meaning no button to push, and transmission is constant in both directions so conversation is like talking on a telephone (REAL phone, not a digital cell phone). The batteries (rechargeable) lasted around 7 hours of non-stop transmission (I didn't believe it either) but if you send into standby mode when not needed it will even last much longer. You can also pair it up with a cell phone and take calls but I use for bike-to-bike only. Range is easily 500 ft--possibly 1000 in straight line conditions. Obviously it will work great as a rider-pillion intercom also. Downsides: works between the 2 units only, so not usable in a group. But it is perfect for us. FYI, we both were using 3/4 open-face helmets. Ordered the units from mobilecityonline.com last Monday, rec'd them Tues.--service was excellent. And NO--I have no connections with them or the mfgr. Units have a 2 year warranty with LIVE customer support! Pricey?--yes; worth it?--HELL yes!


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