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49'er Rally Report from One, Distracted Observer


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Saw your bike at A&S on Sat.,looked like you had plenty of help,as various people kept walking over to look and shadetree mechanic with you.

Good you got it sorted and made it to the rally.


I was just up there for a few hours on Sat. and bought a few trinkets after a loop or two around the fairgrounds.


Thanks for the great pics and glad you had a successful resolution to your ride tale.



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Quite the trip! So, I guess from now on when some newbie asks how to take the tupperware off his RT, we'll just direct him to you! grin.gif

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Bill, heck of a trip. Just goes to show, no matter what

happens theres nothing that can't be fixed.

Glad you got home without futher problems. thumbsup.gif

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