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5.5 hr labour for fuel filter and brake flush?

Lester V

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Does 5.5 hours labour sound reasonable to pull the panels, remove tank,replace filter and bleed the brakes from the master cylinder?


Anyone know the BMW book time to do this on a 1999 1100RT?


I could have done this work but in expectation of of having someone do my clutch, needle bearings and rear drive bearing this fall I wanted to check out the dealer.


My first experience - I took in my front wheel and new bearings for replacement. The bearings were put in wrong and I needed to ship it back.

The fuel filter and brake flush is my second experience.


There is more to the story but now I'm only trying to to see if the 5.5. hours is reasonble. At the hourly rate of $85 plus tax (comes out to about $100/hr.) I was kind of surprised, thus my query.

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Have a tech day at your house.

Provide a bit of libations and chips.

You'll have all the work you want done for free and learn something in the process.

It really is that simple.

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I can consistantly do that job on a '99RT in 2.5 hours. I'd feel comfortable billing 3.0 hours, if I was paid for my work, but I work for free. 5.5 hours is excessive, in my unprofessional opinion.

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