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R 1200C


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I am thinking about buying a R1200C and would like to know about the power.Is their a way to bump up the power.I now have a R1100RT with lots of power but Iam tired of the height.Iam short and would feel better on something lower.I will miss the power.

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I used to own a cruiser, a '99 . I changed to the RT for the wind protection and carrying capacity. I really loved my cruiser and felt it had enough get up and go to keep me happy. Does the RT have more power--definately, but the cruiser is a blast.

Steve W

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The cruiser uses a different throttle body system than the other R bikes so you don't see the throttle bodies sticking out there. It has a single unit, dual body TB in the air box. And because of that significantly longer intake runners. As a result the power is down significantly from the RT. About 12 HP if I remember right.


It also lacks the rear paralever of the RT, it has a sold swing arm - final drive.


But then, it is intended to be a cruiser not a sport-tourer.

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