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radar detector


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I've added the New windshield, Piaa Lights, Garmin on the RCU shelf, Custom seat, and an Autocom with XM. Now I need a radar detector to make the bike complete. Any suggestions for a brand or model?



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Valentine 1. Expensive, but with unique features that make it the best performance bargain nonetheless. Not everyone here agrees though... only about 90% of us... grin.gif

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Do a search in the archives and you'll find lots of opinions.


I've owned Escorts before, though not the latest model, and I currently use the Valentine V1. I personally prefer the V1 and it's 'threat direction' indicators; the indicators alone are worth their weight in gold, to me anyway.


I balked at the price of the V1, especially when considering the audio adapter, etc, you need to hook it up to an intercom (I did this, and it works really well for me), but hindsight is 20/20 and I don't regret the purchase price one bit; I'd definately do it again.


The V1 is a great unit, it's upgradeable so when they improve things, just send yours in and they'll bring it up to current specs (way cheaper than buying a new detector of any brand), and their customer support and service are excellent.

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You'll only pawn it later to pay the speeding ticket! Just drive withing 15mph of the limit and you'll never see me in your rearview, besides, it's just one more gizmo some teenager will rip off your bike. Beemers aren't a big target for LEO's you know. Alot of traffic cops drive them off duty.

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Let us know what you decide on. I am in the same boat as you...looking for a radar detector/laser diffuser (along with a GPS) and a clean-looking setup. Any pics?

I have the Escort/Passport hard-wired in three of my cars and, with the laser diffuser, it is awesome. If I could do the same with the RT, I would be very happy. I have heard that Valentine gives off false-positives but that is better than a silent false negative.

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Not all LEO's are as enlightened as the members here and a V1 will save you from those that treat 5 or 10 over as some heinous deed. May not be their fault though, they have bosses they have to answer to as well.


Good advise, really, I tend to roll between 8 to 10% over and I do use my V1 to keep me informed of activity in the area. Be smooth out there on the road, you can run a little over what the surrounding traffic is doing but, if you use your indicators and don't cut back so close as to cause another vehicle to take evasive action, you will stay well under most LEO's attention.


Don't forget, the phrase, "based on my training and experience as a police officer", can hang you just as high as a radar reading. Ask Motorman some day.

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This is true, all you need is your testimony that the person violated a traffic control device (speed limit sign) because as a radar operator you are also qualified (and required to) visually estimate speed. for radar certification it is within + or - 5mph of their actual speed and laser + or - 3mph. This is usually only done without the assistance of radar or laser when the unit happens to be out for calibration check and you've got someone you just have to write. I forget sometimes that the V1 is still a good tool for some. If you can have one discreetly mounted it may save a you a theft and keep in mind when some LEO's stop you and see one they may get the impression (wrong or right)that you speed more often. Be safe no matter what though, I hate seeing a Beemer rider in a pickle.

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Old topic. Craig Peterson, it has been said, has worked as a "consultant" who hires himself out radar detector manufacturers to help them design/build a better product. The owner of Valentine Research was said to have refused to hire him.


Not soon thereafter, reportedly after a stint "consulting" with Escort, Peterson "tested" the V-1 against an Escort, and the Escort won. That test has pretty much been discredited on the internet as well as in the automotive enthusiast press. So now Mr. Peterson is claiming the Beltronics beats the Valentine. I wouldn't be surprised if he just finished a consulting contract with Beltronics.


Buy what you want. There isn't a bad detector among the major manufacturers. They'll all do a good job. But one does a better job and IMO has more useful features. V1.

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V1. It's all been said already.


+1 I've had Escorts before, and the V1 blows it out of the water.


It's the arrows, Man!

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I guess Ima in the 10% that likes Escort....While riding on Torrey trip, was running with a few V1s ....Had fully 1/2 mile warning before the V1s lit up...I admit it would be nice to have the directional display, but am still trying to figure out how it works when it is mounted in such a way that the rider's body blocks it to the rear. confused.gif

I guess I should try one- Mike Valentine has always been at the forefront of the industry, but I have had good results with the Escort 8500. I have 4 of them, and always seem to get good performance out of them...

Might give the V1 a try next time I have to replace one..

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