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Finally Own My Bike


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Its been a while since I have posted, but I wanted to share this milestone.


On December 30 2002 I picked up my R1150RT, the first ride home in the rain. Shortly thereafter I began making payments, and using any excuse to ride. I've made it to two UNralleys and a Torrey (the week afterward), and numerous local trips. I ride rain or shine. I've gone through 9 sets of tires, had 11 tune ups, a power windshield repaired under warranty, and a burnt exhaust valve. I became quite the virtuoso in the oil-check-dance. Nowadays I barely ever check as she doesn't use much at all. Well I just sent in my last payment, and 4.3 years and 83000 miles later I now actually own my bike, and I am pleased to say that I am as happy with my RT as I was when picked her up. As far as I can tell she continues to run better and better, and I think she must still be wearing in. I am now looking forward to the 100k milestone, and beyond.


Of course I'd like to thank everyone on the board for the help and knowledge provided over the years, and the great rides. This is a really great community that I am lucky to have found.


This week I am looking forward to a ride up the Northern California and Oregon coasts to celebrate.




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Congratulations. And it's a rare vehicle that one is as happy with on the last payment as the first, but an RT would certainly be among that group.

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