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Inexpensive video from bike


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Going back to Ouray for a week in early August and would like to take some video from the bike. Have a digital camera that will take video but it eats batteries quickly and the quality isn't that high.


Would like something that doesn't require a lot of fiddling/patching to make work.


Not having a large budget for this completely unnecessary expense, what do you recommend?

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Bud, I mounted my video camera on my BMR shelf and get about 60 minutes of video if I run on batteries (I also have a 12v power cord). Anything more than 60 minutes I have to replace the tape also.


I bought (I know you have a small budget) a new camera that is really small and lightweight and has worked well. My last camera was larger and I found the video from the digital camera did not come out very well (at least for me).


Here is a link to my install:



Here is another link to all the video I have taken. Keep in mind I’m neither a professional video guy nor an expert with Pinnacle Studio; but I have lots of fun.


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I'm interested in the power cable you made or was made for you Mark. The link was dead on your site. Sounds like a perfect setup...keeping the camera running and pushing the record button without battery loss. thumbsup.gif

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My set up is very similar to what Mark has shown. I mounted my (Canon $300) relatively inexpensive digital video camera directly to my dash shelf. I went to the hardware store and got a screw the same size as a tripod mount and drilled a hole through the shelf. I also bought a nut for the screw to hold the camera tight against the shelf. Then I made a very expensive hand tightening device for the screw. I forced a nickel into the head of the screw to make it easy to tighten and loosen without tools.


I take video through the windshield and it works fine unless you are riding into the sun. There I pick up some glare, but you may get this without the windshield also. I carry a small power inverter in my tank bag to recharge the battery as needed while riding. I can also use this setup to record while riding if needed.


I know Tom, "azkaiser" used to use a small digital camera that had video option and was able to get about 30 minutes of video on the memory card.


Where there is a will, there is a way. Good Luck with your project. thumbsup.gif

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I can recommend this unit:






For $99 it's hard to beat. Its a once piece unit that records to SD Memory cards (same as you buy for your digital cameras), runs on AA batteries and connects to your computer with a standard USB cable. This means you don't need to invest in extra specialized gear, accessories, etc to play with video on the bike though I would recommend using rechargeable AA's because it is a bit battery hungry. I got about an hour of video on a 2gb SD card and the batteries last about as long. The video quality is OK, right about what you'd expect for $99. It does 640x480 @ 30fps and looks decent unless there is really heavy bouncing then it looks a little bit like you're underwater. If I could characterize the video quality I'd say its like a computer webcam without the computer.


It comes with a reasonably good set of straps and a decent mount however I would beef up the strap and/or zip tie it before you ride because...unfortunately for me I dropped mine on the highway at high speed and it was run over several times before I could retrieve it but if I can get the missus to forgive me for blowing 99 bucks on it I probably will buy another!

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