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Experience with Laminar Lip


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Starting to get a feel for my new to me RT...I am experiencing some helmet buffeting even with the windshield fully up...I am trying to decide if I need a slightly taller aftermarket windshield or would a Laminar Lip take care of the issue. Does anyone have experience with adding a Laminar Lip to a stock windshield and if so, what was the result?



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I tried that Saeng edge with laminar lip for a windshield on my Triumph.

It was worthless .

Spend the money and get a CEE Bailys windshield of your liking.

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I normally replace my screens with Cee Bailey items..... but on the R12GS Adv I recently purchased I ordered the Lam Lip and am reasonabily pleased with the out come.


One thing I don't like is the strange effect of the double plastic when topping a hill and I have to look through that part of the screen.


I liked the $79 vs $200+ ..... if you've got the bucks go with the Cee B item..... it's worth it.

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Have a laminar lip on the 850R and it works well in terms of increasing the size of the air pocket. Only problem, as mentioned above, is that looking through it is kinda of a bummer. It really distorts things. I'd think seriously about an after market screen like the CB or Aeroflow before spending the $$$ on the Laminar Lip.

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Used a Laminar Lip on a Honda Blackbird. Moved the air pocket up a bit but did nothing for the windnoise.

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Dave McReynolds

I'm trying a Laminar Lip on my new K1200GT. On my past motorcycles, I've gone with aftermarket windscreens. The tall windscreen that comes with the K1200GT is almost tall enough. At first, I decided to just use the stock screen, but then moving my head up and down, I knew it would be so much quieter and less turbulent if I just had an inch more coverage. I didn't want to buy a whole screen just to get that extra inch, so I decided to try a Laminar Lip instead. It works, and if you believe their ads, which I might, the Laminar effect may be giving me more than just the extra inch or so.


The problem is, I don't know if I can get used to it, or even want to get used to something that looks stuck on. I really don't mind the distortion that others have mentioned, since I look over it anyway.


So if you only need an extra inch or two, it will work, at less cost than another windscreen. You can even pull it off if you want to, for riding around town, which I may decide to do. The bottom line is, for the extra inch I needed, it works as well as a new windscreen would, at a lot less cost. Is it worth the savings to ride around with something that looks tacked on? That's the question....

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have one mounted on my r1100s, it takes most of the buffeting away, but the double sided tape mounting (backing on the two velcro stips) has failed and i've had the laminar lip fly back at me, at road speed. also the new velcro style attachment will let go if they get wet????

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No experiance with the LIP on an RT but I do have one on my R1150GSA and it has made all the differance in the world. The wind blast use to hit me right in the mouth but with the Lip it pushed that blast to the top of my helmet maybe even over the the top. With the addition of Tobinators I now have the perfect settup.


If you expect to get rid of the turbulance or wind noise altogher you might as well give up now. Nothing will ever get rid of it but you can get better control of it with the LIP. The LIP simply takes the air and smooths it out and in turn takes care of most of the buffeting. I had the Laminar LIP Windshield Combo on my ST1100 for 5 years. It was voted one of the best 3 changes you could do to the ST by the STOC.


Im not saying this just because I know Andy of Laminar personaly. Im saying this because the LIP does in fact work at least from my experiance. Andy did at one time work for Page of Aeroflow and makes LIPs to fit all aplications including other aftermarket windscreens.


Someone mentioned the the failing mounting strips. My latest LIP has mounting dots on one side and have never come loose even in a good rain. You need to find the right spot and then leave it alone. Maybe even apply new ones once the sweet spot for the LIP is found.


IMO the Laminar LIP is well worth the money.

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I had the lip on my 1100RT and I could ride all day (in the country) with my face shield up. Quiet as ever, no buffetting.

Now if you have the stock 'short windshield', which measures 14" vertically, you may have a problem, but with 16-1/2" shield, you'll be fine.

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Have had one on my '04 KGT for 3 summers now.

I like it, reduced wind noise and turbulance. Just have the velcro locks on it, and no issues at all, even at speeds above "normal". I think the key is suface prep.

The only dislike is cleaning between the ws and lip.

Most of the time I floss, then a couple times a summer I'll remove the lip.

Not trusting the life cycle of the velcro yet.

But since you have an RT, I have no idea how well it'll work!

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I have one for my 2005 RT. I used it for a while now have a ceebaileys that I like better. I have no use for the lip and would send it your way for shipping cost... really isn't doing anything for me execpt cluttering up my shop.


Let me know.



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