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Pannier scuff pads


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I've been trying to find a link to buy the scuff pad protectors for the sides of the panniers for an 041150RT. Anyone have a link or site for me to buy them? Am I calling them the right thing and just not finding them?

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I can't remember the exact term BMW use, but my dealer supplied them off the shelf, & fitted them whilst the bike was being serviced.

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Did you ever findout who had the scuff pad sets?

I have been looking for them for awhile now and can't find them.

Let me know if any one knows where to get them.

I'm new to this so bear with me.


Thanks for any help.

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Do you think they make a difference?


I have a set installed by the previous owner. I'd skip them myself. They add weight and $$$, without adding much function, if any. They stick on with double sided foam tape, so after a while they'll start to fall off. In my situation, the idiot p.o. didn't understand how to fix it, and he put a drop of super glue every inch or so along the foam tape. GAWD! Of course the tape failed again, after I bought it. I fixed it properly, but now there are permenant glue spots on the bag, so I'm comitted to keeping the scuff pads on to cover it up. What a maroon!

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Jerry Johnston

Make sure you use some alcohol to wash all grease or wax off the side before applying the pads or they will come loose. I put mine on when new in 96 and haven't ever had a problem with them. They are a little scuffed on one side but so is the upper part of the bag. The only way I'd know if they were worth the $ is if I had 1 bag with them and one without so I could compare after a few years. I think they may prevent scratches when carrying them through door ways but have my doubts otherwise.

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