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Electrified Big Mak Tankbag?


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I just replaced my BMW stock tankbag on my '04 RT with a Big Mak. The elastic on the BMW bag was shot and I got tired of unstrapping it to fuel. The Big Mak bag--quality, fit, accessories, etc--is fantastic.

Question: I got the Explorer TC Big Mak with the H3 Tankcase/Mapcase. The H3 piggybacks on top of the Explorer with velcro. The H3 also can be used as a stand alone tankbag if less volume is desired.


Q: I am not sure if or how I should electrify the bag. I have heard that some folks keep all their electronics just in the H3 piggyback bag for quick removal.


In the past, I electrified the BMW bag by simply having a powerlet socket on the outside rear with several cigarette lighter sockets on the inside. That way I kept my cell phone charged and ran a XM MiFi which was velcroed on top of the tank bag. I also ran my Garmin 60csx GPS the same way with the GPS attached via a RAM mount at the stearing nut area. The whole set up worked, but it was funky requiring two holes in the rear of the bag for the powerlet and for various audio cables runing into the bag from a tail-of-the-bike mounted Autocomm unit. It also required a hole in the front of the bag for exiting the GPS power cable and the power cable for the XM unit. Any ideas...photos?..suggestions?




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You can electrify your BMTB one of two easy ways. The first is to simply use the pass-through slot that BM incorporates into his tank bag. It's at the very front, at the bottom. It looks like he forgot to finish sewing the bag. But it's deliberately made that way so you can pass through a power cord.


The second way (and the way I did mine), is to use a Powerlet PTB-001 or PTB-006 Tank Bag Electrification Kit.

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