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Bar End Wieghts?

Urban Surfer

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Dave McReynolds

I don't know if this would work, which is why I'm posting this to the public forum rather than as a PM, in case anybody thinks this is a bad idea. When I sold my RT, it had a Throttlemiester on it, which comes with its own end weights, since that's how you lock it down. Just the other day, I was sorting through some old stuff, and came across the stock end weights that came with the bike. It occurs to me that if you wanted to experiment, you could probably stack them with your own end weights, perhaps with a rubber washer in between so things don't get scratched, thereby doubling your end weights. You would probably have to find longer screws that would fit through both end weights. You can have mine for the cost of postage, if you're interested. Then, if you like the effect, you could spring for the real thing. If not, you're only out the cost of postage and two screws.


However, it also occurs to me that BMW wants to give you the best ride possible and they could supply their new bikes with heavier end weights at little or no extra cost, if they thought it would be an improvement. I would assume some thought goes into the stock weight they use, so I would be surprised if you notice any improvement.

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