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Lifetime Fluids


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I'm a new member with a 2007 R1200ST. I just took my bike in for its 600 mile service and have a comment about lifetime fluids, such as in the final drive. Most BMW automobiles have switched to lifetime fluids in the transmission and differential. According to BMW, a lifetime is however long the part lasts. When the part fails, the lifetime has expired. Lifetimes can be extended by regular fluid changes, and most of my friends in the BMW Car Club have set up regular change intervals for their transmission and differential fluids, as was required in earlier service schedules.


As for the ST, I love it. I ordered mine by e-mail while in Korea on an extneded business trip. The bike arrived at my dealer about a week before I returned home, so the timing was perfect. When I'm stopped at traffic lights I often get very favorable comments or questions about the bike from the people in the car next to me. My only gripe is the lack of technical information available from BMW. The Owner's Manual for my 1988 K100RS had wiring diagrams and significantly more how-to information than the current models. Looks like I'll need to spring for the Maintenance CD.

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Question on maintenance solved HERE.


And final drive fluid concerns answered HERE.


Welcome to the board and welcome to the ST lover's club!!! thumbsup.gif

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Its really only a lifetime fluid after the 600 mile service. BMW sent out a service bulletin some time ago to include a final drive fluid change as part of the 600 mile service. I'm not sure why its good for a lifetime after 600 miles. I plan to change it every time I change my rear tire (about 9,000 miles).

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