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The ablest off-road tire for that bike that won't put you on your butt on the pavement is the TKC-80. You'll get a lot more traction on pavement than it looks like you'll get, but along with that will be vibration and quick wear. But that's the only tire that meets your criteria.


Depending on how "off-road" you'll really get, consider the Anakee, which will let you scrape the valve covers on the pavement and do some fun off-road riding, albeit gingerly.

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What David said plus one factor to consider: Mud.


If you are planning on riding mainly dry terrain, the Anakees will be the better tire all round. However, if you are planning on riding through some mud, the TKC's are much better. I'm currently riding TKC's after two sets of Anakees and though I miss the road characteristics of the Anakees, the TKC's do quite well. They are especially good in low traction situations.


But, I'll be going back to Anakees due to the weight of the GS. It just isn't as much fun offroad as a smaller DS bike.

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I run the Metzeler Tourance on my Tiger. I love them, they feel good in the dirt and on the road, and last 8K rear and 12K front.





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