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Need some help!


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I need some help fellas.


My bike is in the shop again - Rear ABS failure. It happened taking it to be inspected for the German registration. BTW, I am surprised they didn't notice, but when I had my arm over the flashing failure light...I guess they could have seen the problem. I am also having the battery replaced for the third time. It seems not being on a trickle charger for my last deployment to the sand box killed the SOB dead. I recharged it, and it lasted almost two weeks - warped plates are shorting out. I am sick of the crappy batteries that BMW NA has gone to. I am getting the bike fixed in a German BMW shop since I live here for now. They say the German batteries are much better.


My big problem? I am thinking of selling the BMW and getting something else. I love the bike, and I love the idea of the bike. I do not like the servo assist, battery problems, CANBUS, the tractor transmission, and the far out excessive technology of the 2005 GS. I think it's time to get back on a lower maintenance bike. I have never put so much money into a bike and it spend the amount of time in a shop as this thing has. I am tired of the shop having this problem or that with their equipment that makes the time in the shop more than what should be required. It's gotten way too painful for me. I want to go back to simpler times and less maintenance Japanese times. Say what you want, but they are much better with maintenance.


I am looking at the FJR1300, Triumph Tiger 1050, Kawasaki Z1000, Yamaha FZ1, and some supermoto bikes (I know, don't ask!). I have even contemplated a Triumph Daytona 600. I guess what I am asking are two fold.


1) I want you to help me get out of this funk I'm having about the BMW...


2) If I did sell and get something else, what should I get?


I know everyone is going to say it depends on what you want to do. Thing is I have done them all as above except the supermoto bikes. I have ridden tons of dirt bikes, and I think that would be a kick in the pants. My strongest inclination is to go to the FJR. Luckily, the Yamaha dealer has a FJR for test riding here. I am going to go take a ride next week. I will also test the FZ1. I know the FJR is not the simpler bike, but I can guarantee the lower maintenance.


I have always been attached…well to the attached bags of the ST1100 I used to have. Going back to a Yamaha R1...that was the hardest thing to deal without...bags. I love the hard bags, and I think this perspective is the best fit for me. Unfortunately, the $11,500 FJR doesn't exist since they have made ABS standard, $13,500 is now the standard price...Don't even bring up the AE (Auto clutch) that is blasphemy!!! Since I do ride on the Autobahn quite a bit, I am leaning more to the FJR for the speed need. The supermoto…You have to wring their necks to get them to go 100mph. The naked bikes are a solid idea, but again without the bags…Yes, I can add them.


Need some help, and you guys are my therapist!



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I totally understand your problem, but I beleive that you would have the same problems with any bike. Not knowing how long your deployment was any motorcycle battery will not hold a charge once they have gone complete dead. What money have you put in that motorcycle?? Isn't under warranty???


BTW my wife and I are proud owners of 3 yoa twins. grin.gif

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Rob, I hate to say this on a BMW site but I just put some miles on that new 1050 Triumph Tiger a week or so ago.. Having recently ridden the new BMW 1200RT, MotoGuzzi Norge, & that Tiger I would rate them with the Tiger way above the others as far as engine smoothness goes,, Tiger’s transmission silky smooth & geared perfectly for the engine power band,, Tiger’s chassis very stiff with very good coupling of the rear to the front (will dodge a pot hole at 100mph+ with no notable frame flex).. Very good feeling bike at both slow speed & high speed.. Brakes felt real good but I didn’t test the ABS at speed..


If I were looking to buy a new bike based only on high speed riding feeling & engine/transmission smoothness it would be the Tiger hands down.. BUT, the Tiger has a rather poor windshield coverage (even with the high shield),, the luggage is not up to par with the BMW (doesn’t hold much & is tilted at a funny angle,, you also need L-O-N-G legs to get up & over those high bags.. & the Tiger has a chain drive so there is chain maintenance evolved that can be a pain on the road or could make a mess of your lashed on items.. It also looks like the oil cooler is kind of in the way of road debris if a fender extension isn’t located & fitted to protect it..


The exterior of the Tiger looks pretty darn good (at least to me) but the engine looks old with nothing fancy there.. First impression was very favorable but who knows on the long term durability or other things like dealer treatment or parts availability..



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Easy answer for me!



One of these puppies, in white, with bags and top box.

You've got your basic sport touring, dirt road capable, naked streetfighter, all-in-one-good-looking-bike with proven engine and drive train. For cheap compared to the BMW.

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Any reason why you left the Honda ST1300 off your list?

Honda ST1300


I haven't done a lot of shopping or comparison. I'm certainly not an expert. But this would be my first bike of choice. My Honda Nighthawk was bulletproof. My Honda car(s) have been bulletproof.


I'm riding an 1100RT because I was able to get a GREAT deal on it. This is my introduction bike into sport touring. The ST1300 was always tops on my list because of Honda's reliability across all vehicle types.


Had this deal not come along, I'd still be riding my Nighthawk and saving for the ST1300. As is, I'm probably going to ride this bike for a couple of years - sell it for what I bought it for - and then move back to Honda.


Of course, by then, I'll be ready for a scooter trike. lmao.gif

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First of all a big Thanks for your Service!


I feel your pain man. My answer to the same (generally) question was an older- but still young- BMW R1100R.


The mid-90's R1100's are simpler, less electronic gizmos, no Canbus, and the Roadster are naked. In one easy move they can dress up as sport touring bikes, or off with the bags and be sport bikes. They are affordable, and they have a basic cool-factor that may be just what you are looking for. Plus they are still BMW's

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Fortunately for me, the deployment wasn't but about 3 months this time. I was filling in for someone who had to come back for some unfortunate reason.


The battery was showing signs of weakness since I was riding during the winter here with all the heated stuff. I charged short due to the notice and left. I didn't want to leave the wife in charge of the positve and negative posts or disconnecting. thumbsup.gif It was stone dead. I have had some luck reviving batteries that run low or lights on type of thing. Motorman...Our's are 3 too! They just hit their terrible twos at the age of 3. Yahoo. eek.gif


Ahhhh. Don't tease me with the Tiger...Since it hit the magazines...I have been drooling. Funny you mention the Tiger having wind protection problems. That is the other part that I kind of left out, it gets pretty darn cold in Germany...same Latitude as Maine. I was going to buy an RT, but I didn't want an 1150 motor...Please don't flame...My Uncle has a unbalanced one, and it get a little viby at freeway speeds. Anyway, that and the chain drive make me cringe a little at buying a Tiger. The other problem is trying to find a dealer in Germany. They are few and far between. I have no idea about stateside. I would have to look at that too! The Tiger is dead sexy though, and I like the horsepower numbers there too. I like the street fighter comment too. That is kind of why I am including the Z1000 and FZ1. Cheap, reliable, and power punch!


ST1300. Yeah, I typed that in the original post, but deleted it. The ST1100 was a fine bike. It needed more adjustable suspension, but other than that...It was the sweetest bike, and I put about 12-18,000 miles a year on it for three years. Yep. My first bike was a ZX-6, and on the one year anniversary it had 20,000 miles (probably why I cannot stand totally erect today grin.gif). I used to ride the piss out of bikes. I don't even want to tell you the mileage on the GS...It's kind of embarrassing. Twin kids you know! Another reason I included the Street fighter bikes...Price for the back and forth to work drive...Also a reason for the supermoto. Anyway, I still look at and drool over the ST. Honda has the most amazing quality and maintenance free as far as the 1100 was concerned. I guess I don't really have a reason except that the FJR is more of a sportbike 145 bhp, and it's rather light compared to the ST, RT, GT, ect. I love performance. Did I mention that I used to ride an R1. Yep...3,000 miles was a lot if I could get that out of a tire on that thing. I loved the handling, and I want to continue that again...Not that the GS is a sloutch by any means. It just needs a bit more/better HP, wind protection in a way, bigger generator, transmission, less plastic on a off-roader, less quirky stuff on it. How many times have you shifted and gotten a blank on the gear indicator...i don't need the damn indicator, but if you are going to put it on my bike...For gosh sakes make it work properly.


Yeah, I rode a R1100RT in '98 when I bought my ST. Problem was that the ST was only 10,900 or something like that. The RT was 15,800 or something like that. I was impressed by the RT. the luggage was phenominal, wind protection, build quality, etc. I guess the demo ride didn't quite work on me back then. I bought the ST since I got to ride a buddy of mine's ST. Sweet ride. I had three oportunities to buy cheaper used 1050s instead of the 1200. One was an Adventure too! CRAP. I should have done it, and pocketed the money and bought another bike.


Now, I didn't pay anything close to list price, and anything I wanted for me or the bike came at a highly reduced cost. I used to do the webpage for the dealership I got mine from. The owner was superb, and treated me great for doing this "favor" for him. I never charged him a dime for the webpage, and I didn't need to because of his desire to give me deals. Anyway, I am probably just venting here, but if the wife gave me to OK, I could see a new bike in the drive. I like changing rides every 2-3 years or so. I do wish I had kept the ST1100 when I bought the R1. There were no kids then, and the wife rode a Suzuki SV-650S also. I never gave owning 2-3 bikes a thought. I just sold it for a pretty penny...I take extra ordinary care of my bikes, and I keep records like it's a military aircraft. most people like that, and respond with money in kind. I miss the old ST though.


If I had to decide today, I would probably look more into a FJR, ST, and maybe the Tiger. The chain though! I think I need about 5 bikes in my garage!



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