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Bmweerman week 2 Sat.


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I dreaded going to the hospital this morning. After last night, staying past midnight, and all the stress associated with it, I stayed in bed as long as possible. Maybe it was due to fatigue and maybe depression, I didn't want to get up. Finally rising at 9:30, I leisurely got ready and headed over to the hospital around 10:45. The official visiting time was 11:00 so I wouldn't have to go through trying to get in during an off time.


As soon as the nurse asked how I was doing, I lost it. I'd been crying the night before and had been "lightly leaking" this morning. We talked about the previous night, this was a different nurse, and my fears/frustrations. She gave me some great tips on how to deal with his behavior and assured me that it would disappear once he left the ICU. OK, with myself somewhat pulled together I went into his room.


He was happy to see me, motioning for me to come in. That was a good sign. The psychosis is supposed to manifest mostly in the evening and he appeared to be back to his hospitalized self.


His condition continues to improve. The overall infection is still very present, but I think the staff part of it hasn't shown up in 24+ hours. We still don the gowns and gloves to go into the room-he has to be clear of the staff infection for 3 days before they consider the coast cleared. One big change-they removed him from the respirator this morning and he's doing good! He still has the trach tubing and is receiving oxygen through it, but he's breathing on his own. Still lots of suction needed as he continues to have crud in his chest, but he's coughing more of it up and that's good. That means it's loosening up and his coughing brings it up where it can be suctioned easier. So the congestion is on the run.


As recommended by the staff, I only stayed a couple of hours and then got myself ready to check out a local event that's going on this weekend. Riverfest, is held at a park that stretches along the Animas River. It's very woodsy and the festivities were scattered from one end to the other. I walked alot with only minor pain, though I was running on a healthy dose of ibuprofin. I took lots of pictures of people, dogs, river rafters, ducks and scenery. I wanted to post some, but I'm writing this from where I'm staying. Cameron keeps insisting that he have the computer in front of him, but having it there seems to put him to sleep . Security "blanket"? He lacks the coordination to do any intelligible typing, so I'm using this computer which blocks half the places I try to go. So the pics will have to wait. I'm going to write a story, either to peddle to the local paper as an outsider's view of the festivites or perhaps a travel article for a Bakersfield publication. I'm still playing with it and not sure about which angle to use, perhaps both. Yes, I feel much better after that excursion.


Returning to his room this evening, I was greeted by the same personality as last night. This time I was armed with appropriate responses to his requests and only stayed a couple of hours, most of which he slept through . I left at a more reasonable time and have had a little while to unwind.


There is a possibility that he may be airlifted to Bakersfield in a few days. The nurses say he is stable enough for transport to a rehab facility and that would be the next step. He still needs constant care so it would be a residential type place. I had a tearful discussion with the physical therapist about his lack of muscle control in his hands and arms. He reassured me that no brain damage had occurred and that with the therapy he would make a full recovery. It's just a lot of muscle atrophy that he is going to have to overcome. Unfortunately, due to the fact that this is the weekend, and a holiday one too, I can't speak with the person who coordinates all the transporting and facilities until Monday (I hope he's not off then).


Now that I have a better understanding of what's going on with him and am allowing myself to not be there so much, I feel a little saner. Thank you for all the pushes in that direction, I needed to hear that it was OK.

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And yet another day of prayed and hoped for improvement. Not only with Cameron, but with you.


Glad to hear things are contiuing to look up.


Although difficult, I am sure you will be glad to have both of you closer to home.


Still there for you. Make sure you keep us posted and reach out for anything you need.


It is OK to take time for you. You know that and there is no need for guilt for taking it. Healing is a two way street.



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Keep writing Patti, I think it helps you stay sane...... just wishing we could do more than just read and 'listen'...



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Sounds like Cameron has turned another corner on the road to full recovery. Also sounds like you too have turned a corner and I admire you even more. Would hope my bride of 23 years would act the same in similar circumstances. Continued good luck. Bill

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Being able to be transported is a big step. Glad to hear that things are progressing. I'm also glad your getting good advice and following it. That is very important for both of you. thumbsup.gif

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Getting off the respirator is a huge plus. My dad died from a lung infection related to a mistake in relatively minor surgery. I learned a lot through the process (though, if you have any questions, speak to his physician; this is anidotal information).


I was told by the physicians that the respirator was a mixed blessing. Though it might be vital for survival, after a certain period of time, lungs develop scar tissue, they do not regenerate, and it's often a down hill slide from there. The fact that he is off the respirator means that his lungs are improving, that his oxygen saturation level has improved. He's on his way to getting over this.


We can lose our strength and coordination in a matter of days of complete bed rest. The fact that Cameron is weak is normal. And, as soon as his chest has healed enough that he can set up and move around, it'll be a short trip to full recovery. He'll gain the strength back again as quickly as it left. (Based on my 17 year old daughter's illness last year, however, it'll probably be 6 months or so before he really feels strong again. He's probably lost 25 lbs already (side benefit)). It's normally about 6 weeks healing time for the average broken bone. Seems from your report like he'll probably be getting up and around in the coming week.


All of which is to say, we're praying for him, and he's getting better.


Hang in there. God Bless!

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Thanks for continuing to keep us informed of his progress. Know that you have friends here who care deeply about you and what you are both going through.

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His condition is improving - which is great to hear. Everything that you are mentioning is normal. It will take time for him to return to his usual self. Your support will continue to help him improve.


Glad to hear you are getting out to get your mind off things.

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Patti, it's Barb from NM. I just figured out how to do this. Don't know if you've receieved my direct emails or not, but I wanted to let you know if you need a break you are so welcome to come to our place. We are 2.5 hours away and it's a beautiful, easy drive. Hope you are doing well today. We are still sending out the prayers for you both.

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Glad to hear he's getting better. Glad to hear that you're getting better too at handling all of this.



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Now that I have a better understanding of what's going on with him and am allowing myself to not be there so much, I feel a little saner. Thank you for all the pushes in that direction, I needed to hear that it was OK.


You betcha Patti. Hang in there. I've been in Cam's shoes and I'm amazed the patience and tenacity that my girlfriend had in dealing with me during my surgery, hospitalization and rehab... you're awesome. But you do need to do all that you're doing. Take photos. Write. Go on long walks. And if so desired, have a glass of good red wine... and breathe!!!!


So sorry to hear all of this. I'm going to try to follow you guys on all the various blogs/sites...


I'll look forward to the next time we can all Skype... in Brasil for at least a month... stay as well as you can be... good luck, vibes and prayers to you guys...

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I'm glad that you received some good suggestions from the day nurse. Keep doing what you are...and can do for yourself and Cameron.

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