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Motocomm ST-1 Intercom - $160


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mono speakers

push to talk

battery power only




complete set-up for two helmets


FM Radio built in



Motocomm ST-1 Intercom.


My needs/desires:

Passenger communication

Music (given the noise associated with riding - is high fidelity stereo really that important?)

Ham radio ops


Anyone have experience with this unit? Any idea where I can find a manual. Google wasn't any help.

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This link will take you to Radio Gadgets and they sell this unit. Very nice and helpful people. (No association, have purchased CB and antenna from them)


Several people I know use this unit and really like it. I know bike to bike is good because I talk with them on rides and they have no problem hearing me. I am sure this could be affected by the type of helmet and the noise associated with it. The guy I ride with the most uses a Nolan 102 hellmet. It would not be too difficult to make an adapter to wire directly to the bike. My buddy continues to use the batteries. I think he said they last about two days of use. Everyone that has the unit also said the intercom was excellent. I will most likely buy one just to be able to hook up my two way radio, gps and music. I don't need the intercom as I ride solo.

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I am also looking at a com system for my bike, for a $160 you do get alot. PTT switch, duo headsets, cell phone adapter and two way radio adapter. The microphones look a little bulky and I am wondering how well they will fit in my helmet (not a whole lot of room between mouth and mouth gaurd).


Let me know how it goes if you get one.

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Found this IMC MIT100 .


Looks to be a better deal at $199.


VOX intercom

Stereo audio headsets

Made by Baehr (did I spell that right?)

Runs off of bike power


Autocom is still on my list - unfortunately, outside of my price range today.

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I bought the MotoComm intercom with connections for my cell phone, FSR, radar detector and MP3 player... and the thing works but only while you are doing 35 mph or less.. after that it is worthless... Save your money. You are better off yelling at your passenger and the other guys riding with you. My MotoComm sits in my closet next to my other gear that I never use.

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