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24 years = not hep yet!!


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Man, do I feel like a dumb ass. Went to see my old riding buddy in Orlando today.


As he was checking out Nubb he made me aware of the Auto-com that was tucked behind my seat and I have throttlemeister too. One month and 1200 miles? Bout time I found out they were there! Duh!


To think that back in the late 70's to mid 80's I was the one hip to all the latest gadgets and gizmo's. Now, don't know em when I got em! Duh!! dopeslap.gif





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Dang... I just looked at my bike. I didn't find any hidden Autocoms (although I do have the Throttlemeister - I knew about that though).


Congrats on your discovery. thumbsup.gif

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Pull off the footpeg rubbers and/or hand grips. Favorite cash stash and yes, I have forgotten before. I usually have a spare Benji tucked somewhere on my bike on a long trip.

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