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GPS placement


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At the risk of being banned forever from the site...

...I have a line on a very affordable Garmin 2720 GPS and after reviewing all the discussion about attaching said device to an RT, am wondering why I shouldn't just slip it under the plastic map window of my tank bag. I realize it won't be a heads-up display, but it will keep the rain off, and I presumably won't be needing that space for a map. It's not that I object to spending evenings in the garage machining custom mounts, but our riding season is so very short here in Minnesota that the quick way sometimes has more appeal than the Beemer way. Any thoughts?

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I assume you have (or are planning to) electrify the tankbag. Before my BMR shelf arrived I tried the same thing on my Zumo using the battery power to check it out. I found that it was very difficult to read the screen because the plastic map cover induced more glare from the sun. Also, the greater the viewing angle, an LCD screen becomes less bright and harder to see. Try it out once, I don't think you will be happy.

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Jerry Johnston

Why are you worried about rain - it's rain proof ? I would think putting it in the locatin you're thinking of the sceen would be washed out by the sun.

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If you plan on using the GPS while you are moving, and I'm sure you are, you need to place it somewhere in your line of site. The most important reason for this is your safety. A GPS can really cause you to take your eyes off your surroundings quite easily. When you are focusing on the GPS unit, you aren't giving the road your full attention. That is why you need a RAM mount or a gadget shelf of some sort. There are several options, RCU, BMR, to name a couple.


Trust me on this, you want the GPS up in front of you, in your line of sight. And learn to not give it all your attention while in motion.

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+1 on what Greg said.


When I need the GPS most, is when I'm expecting a change of direction. The last thing you want to be doing is looking between your legs for which way to go.


On the GS, it's on a TouraTech mount on the left handlebar. A quick glance is all I need to read it, & it's still in my line of sight.

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As you can see in this picture, the map pouch is for the MP3, not the GPS!!




Hard to tell in this pic, but I mounted the remote display and audio for my Valentine under the shelf - got a little rain protection dere dontcha know.


BTW - I've ridden at least once a month for the last 5 years, commuting in the Mpls metro area. Get some cold weather gear and give it a try! As long as the roads are dry....

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