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Big mac tank bag question


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I have a bmw big mac bag that came with my bike. Two things are in need of repair. The elastic straps on the front have worn with age and no longer have the strength to hold the bag on the bike. frown.gif The other is the zippered piece that attaches to the bottom of the tank. The zipper is fine, but the velcro has failed. confused.gif ? I bet I am not alone with this wear?

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First of all, that's not a Big Mak bag, that's a BMW Multivario bag.


As for how to repair it, your best bet is to take it to a real shoe repair place or automotive upholstery shop. They should be able to replace the straps. As for the velcro, you can get replacement material at Radio Shack or McMaster-Carr. Or you can replace the whole part that attaches to the tank, but if you do that, you'll probably also have to replace the matching part on the tank bag so that the zipper zips. Again, something a good shoe repair place or upholstery ship can handle.


Bob Weis of earmold-speaker fame used to do tankbag repair, but he doesn't do it anymore, even though you get his website if you Google "multivario tankbag repair".


One other person you might try is Linda T at www.customtankbags.com . She makes great custom bags, and might have the equipment to repair your bag. Or you could just buy a new one from her (or from Big Mak) and have a better tankbag than that Multivario.

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