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A change in the stable...


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Well, the KTM served its purpose for me. It got me back into dirt riding, but it also showed its limitations. Sure, it was the fastest, best handling dirt bike I've ever owned, & I loved it for that. But, even though it was tagged, I couldn't ride it to my intended riding area. So, a few weeks ago, I put it up for sale. No bites. Then, a guy on AdvRider had a hot-rodded XR650 he wanted to trade. Long story short, we met in Valdosta today, cut a deal, & made the trade.


I present, Mad Max;



This is NOT your daddy's XR650. It's been punched out to 657cc, 12.5-1 comp., a hot cam, head work, jetted, heavy-duty clutch, suspension work, & about $1500 worth of Hella LED & HID lighting. PO is head of product development for Hella. The motor was built by a Nitro Pro-Stock bike engine builder.


Anyone up for a dual-sport ride?


I can hardly wait! cool.gif

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You lucky SOB.

That is going to be a wheelying machine.




The PO already warned me. He gave me a set of new knobbies, which I'll mount ASAP. He told me when it hooks up, it'll wheely in EVERY gear.


That's what I'm talkin' 'bout! thumbsup.gif

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Your reason is the exact reason I got rid of our 2 DRZ's. Gots to trailer everywhere!!!!


As soon as the dust settles on the recent shake up of motorcycles, hopefully, I'll have something along those lines to join you.


In the interim, I guess I'll have to jsut suffer with my GSA. lmao.giflmao.giflmao.giflmao.giflmao.gif


I was wondering what was up with your recent classified ad.

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Calvin  (no socks)

Wow.... You aren't going to believe this..I went to the KTM dealer today....Got bit in Utah... First Whips 950 Adventure and then Killers 650 KLR....Looked at a 400, and a used 550?.....Its gonna happen...Soon!

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If you aren't thinking about a dirt bike, the WORST thing you can do is ride a KTM. I rode Bill's (Roadscholar) 950, & I was ruined!


The 400 EX/C is a very saught after bike, but can be hard to find. The 520 is probably the most popular right now, but, my XR will smoke it. grin.gif


No foolin'.

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