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ABS issues from a newbie


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Hey everyone, I know this is probably a silly question, but since I'm new I don't feel bad asking it. I've had my 2000 RT for about a week and last night the abs fault went off. It's an alternating flashing, top then bottom. Any ideas?? I've read in other posts that it may be battery related, but I would appreciate any thoughts on this. Thanks.

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If it flashes normally (in sequence) before you engage the starter, then yes, It's probably the low-voltage fault. If, on the other hand, it flashes alternately as soon as you turnt he ignition on, it's a persistant fault and needs to be investigated/cleared.


Do a quick search on ABS Fault and you will find all the links to diagnose this fault.



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One thing to try and get into the habit, is to turn the key on and wait 10-15 seconds before starting the bike. This gives the ABS to perform its 'test' before you put a drain on the battery while starting, thus eliminating the possible low voltage fault.

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