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Fitting Spiegler SST brake lines......

Eckhard Grohe

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Eckhard Grohe

Now that everybody is back from Torrey maybe someone will let me know what to do, not do or otherwise when I want to install these lines.


I looked at the job and I think I should bleed the brakes from the bottom up to the steel line to the ABS unit and down from the master cylinder to the ABS unit. Or am I wrong.


Experts please help.





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Eckhard, I put this very same kit on my 00RT, plus I removed the grub screw at the same time. I remove 1 line at a time making sure it was the same line and run was the same as old.

I did front then the back, Bled out front & back at the calipers.

No problems, BTW tank has to come off, and junction block has to be filed down a bit to fit in OEM holder on right front fork leg.

When I did the grub screw I took caliper off bike and put it in a vice wrapped in a rag.

A little bit of heat to loosen the loctite.

Does this help you ?


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Hi Eckhard,


I bled mine from the master cylinder to the ABS unit first (so as to get any air out of the top of the system and not force it lower), and once the top system was clear I bled at the calipers. I don't know if this is the recommended method but it worked fine for me. Don't freak out of you can't get any pressure at first as there won't be much until you get most of the air out of the lines. It's kind of a messy and PITA job but in the end pretty straightforward and uneventful. The SST lines made a bigger improvement in braking performance than I was expecting (in fact I was replacing them only because a had a rubber line leaking, not necessarily as a performance upgrade) and the brakes have a much firmer and more positive feel now under heavy application. I am very satisfied with the results.

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Not trying to be a pain in the ___, but I thought I read somewhere that if you had a BMW with ABS you could not use SS brake lines. I have a 2000 R1100RT. Was this information wrong?

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