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A warm hello from Germany


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although I have been reading the posts for quiet a while, I only decided to introduce myself today (I 've been limiting myself to some european forums, shame on me as a beemer!)


I drive a R1150RT since 2004, I come originally from Greece, I live in Duesseldorf-Germany, and I ride whenever I have free time wherever in Europe the wind takes me! In 2 weeks I will be travelling through France with destination Spain.


I would love to participate in your discussions and to provide you with any kind of info regarding driving our beloved ones in Europe.


Many greetings from Duesseldorf

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Aloha Amigo!!


Welcome aboard. Looking forward to some great tales from Germany.



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Thanks a lot for the welcome guys! Someone asked me about beer ...well, I prefer to keep it cold and ready here in duesseldorf, for the ones who fancy coming over here!

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Welcome aboard!


I happen to work for a German company (BST International) located in Bielefeld. Spent some time in the Bielefeld area during October 2006. Germany is a wonderful country with great people, food, and BEER! Oh wait - pretty good motorcycles as well...

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Hallo!!! Great to have you. I try to visit Germany once or twice a year on business. It's one of the most beautiful countries I've ever visited.

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Gummikuh for ever!

I think not! Well, not since my old R100/7 and R100RS. Anyway, welcome to the board. I've spent six and a half years of my life in Germany courtesy of the USAF. Was stationed first in Wiesbaden and later in Ramstein. I loved every minute of the time I spent there. I miss every mintue too! Again, welcome!
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Wilkomen und Guten Tag... welcome on board.


I loved Deutchland when I lived there, in Mannheim.


Wonderful food, beautiful scenery, autobahns!



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Man do I love the continent, fortunate indeed you are!


Beer, cold hmmmmm no where else is it quite the same as a stein in Germany!


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