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97/98 K1200rs -eating their cylinder linings?


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I heard that some of the 97/98's were losing the lining on their cylinders. This something you have heard?

What do you think about that bike- the K1200RS?

And what does "RS" signify anyway?

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? Don't think there were any 97 K1200RS, 96 and the new revised improved versions were 98's. At least I think this is true for the US. Have not heard of any such reports, but I am no expert. Loved my 96 K1100RS.

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Someone may be confusing beamers for bimmers. Mid-90's Bimmers had engine issues with their Nikasil liners. Apparently the engines didn't take to the higher sulfur limits in American fuel, and the result was a failure of the Nikasil lining. The car engines were switched to Alusil lining and the problem was resolved. The bikes never had this problem, interestingly, although they also used Nikasil for cyliner lining.

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