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Almost bought the farm last night........


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En route home last night on Harry Putter, following a small car at a safe distance. Suddenly, from the right shoulder, a Pierce Co. deputy patrol car whipped out in front of her into the opposite lanes, apparently chasing someone headed the direction from which we came. Before he could make it a second deputy's car (which I think was running completely blacked out) struck the first deputy's car from behind at a high rate of speed. The second car spun across the road and smashed the car in front of me. I cranked on the binders and those twin-leading-shoe brakes did just what they were designed to do. In a matter of 2 seconds the action all came to a stop 10 feet in front of me.


I put Harry on his side-stand, turned off the fuel petcock and the headlamp and checked the cars for casualties. The car ahead of me was a 16-year-old girl with a shattered left leg. Thank god her airbag deployed. It saved her life.


The first prowl car still had its headlights and light-bar lighting the scene. The girl's car was full of smoke. There was gasoline all over the place. A real flashback to my old paramedic days and for a moment I was worried about fire. The old flight impulse almost kicked in. I helped her until the paramedics got there, then supervised her stabilization and extrication.


The first deputy's car was essentially gone up to the rear window. As though vaporized! The second deputy's car front end did what it was designed to do: collapsed downward and was destroyed.


The girl's mom called me this morning and she is OK. The leg has been casted. She's in a lot of pain but doing OK. One deputy had a cracked rib.


If the girl hadn't been in front of me, if I had been going a bit faster, if I hadn't stopped to talk to someone before leaving....


How strange and full of chance occurrence life is.

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I'm glad things turned out OK for you and that there were no fatalities.


thumbsup.gif for being alert and helping out. I'm not sure how I'd handle a similar situation.

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Glad to hear you made it out safely, and were able to lend assistance. Every day is a crap shoot when we ride.

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I'm as jaded as all get out but I do have to say there must be small miracles at work sometimes!


Glad your all good Doc

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Congrats Doc on being here to tell the story.


I know what you are talking about when you look back and see how a few seconds could have changed everything.


All's well that end well. thumbsup.gif

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You need to be more careful. We have a lot of things yet to discuss and you have many people that will need your help in the future. Maybe you should come visit San Antonio so we can keep an eye on you?


Glad your okay.



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Timing really is everything, Doc. Glad you are okay. And glad you were there for the young lady in the car.

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Sounds to me like the cops were being very reckless and irresponsible. I'm sure nothing will come of it, though. You get shot with rubber bullets at a rally (at least in LA), but cops get away with murder (sometimes, literally).


I'm glad you're all right. Good driving. Good job of being aware. It'd be nice if there was some justice that followed this, but I know better.

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Hi Doc, I'm relieved to know you weren't caught up in that, yet were able to lend assistance. It's tricky out there.

Glad the binders on the Velo worked, I've seen some airheads that required long range planning.

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You know the old saying, "Things happen for a reason."


Most times we want to know what the reason is when it completely escapes us or is unclear.


Other times, it's just enough to make you think, almost like a wake up call to remind us just how precious life really is.....

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....I've seen some airheads that required long range planning.


I presume you're talking about bikes? grin.gif


+1 on the binders, & , your skill with which to use them.

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How strange and full of chance occurrence life is.


Amen to that.....it just wasn't your time. Glad your okay. It was great to meet you and hope to see you again soon. Ride safe!!

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Dang, Doc! eek.gif


I think it was all that good karma you built up in Africa! Glad you had a good balance to cash in a few chits! thumbsup.gif

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Paul Mihalka

Thank heaven for "almost". I'm glad the Velo brakes did the job and you were quick to grab them. Be careful out there!

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Sure glad you were able to help, Doc. Glad you came through unscathed as well, but I believe that you have a whole lot more to do here before your time is up.


Live the ride Doc, and hope to see you soon.

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Well shite! Thanks to someone that you were where you were and not where you could have been. Maybe you were destined to help the girl and prep the scene for the EMTs?


We'll have to catch up sometime Doc. wave.gif

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Almost reminded you of Africa? Sounds like it was handy having all that training and experience not only in riding but espceially in emergency care.

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Please tell me that they took your stastement about the irresponsible actions of the police.


I hope that girl sues the crap out of that police department. Running dark is an incredibly dangerous practice that I hope no police department actually encourages.


There is so much wrong here - it is ashame that girl has to suffer because of these "trained professionals".


I am the biggest proponent of the police, but when they do wrong they need to face the same (if not more dire) consequences as the rest of us.

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Sheet Doc that is too close for comfort. Glad it turned out well for you. Young lady was lucky to have you there.

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...If the girl hadn't been in front of me, if I had been going a bit faster, if I hadn't stopped to talk to someone before leaving....


In July 2004, I missed going under the wheels of an 18 wheeler on a curve outside Canaan Vally, the locals call "Wild Maggie," but for just such moments of delay. NeverneverNEVER go there. It leads down a very slippery slope.


Glad you're okay.



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