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Antenna Removal?


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Can anyone provide directions for removing the antenna from a 2005 RT? I have a radio prep kit that I do not use and want to remove the antenna and plug the hole. I know how to remove the antenna itself. I want to remove the mount that goes in the fairing.


Any help appreciated.

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I can tell you on the 1150 it is just a matter of removing plastic until you can get to the back of the antenna mount. Its pretty obvious after that.


I found a plug at the local Lowes that fit the hole just perfect.


Yankee Dog

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No, the antenna needs to be removed from the inside of the front assembly. There's a grounding wire attached to the antenna that's bolted to the frame which is behind the assembly, then there's a 10mm bolt that holds the antenna onto the front fairing.


If you want detailed instructions on how to remove your front fairing, PM me, and I'll respond.

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I removed the antenna mast and put a hex bolt in it's place (to keep the water out of the hole). I think it was a 5mm but am not 100% sure.

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