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Fairing removal order?


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Anyone know the order of fairing removal on a R1200ST (2007)? I have just mounted a satellite radio up in the front but need to run the power leads on back. Not sure what order of removal gets me access to the upper area under the fairing to zip my wire through and fasten to frame members.

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You will need to remove the covers that go over the windshield arms. Screw on top. Slide these off. Leave windshield alone. It does not get in the way.


Remove fairing pocket covers under each handlebar.


Pull your seats off.


Remove screws/bolts from side fairing (L or R). Don't forget ones that are on inside at front.


While grasping fairing at front and rear, "walk" it up and forward. It may bind a bit along top seam. Wiggles work wonders. Tupperware is tougher than you think so you can bit a little force in if necessary.


After fairings are off, if you need to remove tank, take gas neck bolts out and remove center fairing cover over tank.


Disconnect quick connects at fuel tank (left side front). BE CAREFUL THAT YOU DO NOT TEAR THE O-RINGS INSIDE THE CONNECTORS.


Remove evaporative hosdes (right side front).


Unbolt tank on left and right.


Tank lifts up and back for removal. Best done with little to no gas in tank.


Reverse to reassemble.


Drink beer!

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Thanks for the advice.


I'm trying to install the plastic cylinder head guards on my new 07 RT. I can get the two bolts, one in front, and one in the rear just fine, but on each side there is a bolt on the bottom that is too close to the faring for me to use any tool I have.


So, I tried removing the lower faring. Found the bolt inside front, and the five obvious outside bolts, but then encountered two bolts up inside near the rear cylinder head that I can't get.


So then tried your advice, figured I'd work my way in and see what happens. Started with the cover that goes over the windshield arms. Removed two black screws, one by each windshield arm, cover wouldn't budge, removed two silver screws down on dash - seems tabs from windshield cover go under there - still no luck.


Any further advice?

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Should be a single silver self starting screw on top of cover. Remove that and cover should slide straight up and off.

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Oh yeah, about the clear plastic thingy in the pic (previous post), meant to ask, how do you remove it? Ours were installed dirty and I'd like to clean them.

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See Pic,




Herein lies the problem!!! You have an Rt, not an St!!!!


Your OP stated you have an ST. dopeslap.gifdopeslap.gifdopeslap.gif


Disregard!!!! Any RT guys out there want to help out here???



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Actually, I'm not the guy who started the thread, probably he/she does have an ST, But I definitely read it wrong since I didn't pick up on that... must just have RT on the brain



Yeah that's about the dumbest thing I've ever done.

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