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Alarm systems


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With a new trend in my area of motorcycle thefts (mostly crotch rockets) I think I'm going to invest in a decent alarm. I wanted some advice first because I've never been let down on here for making the right purchase on anything. I would like somthing basic, not prone to false alarms and that has some type audible or visual alert that tells you that you armed / disarmed it succesfully. Oh..and doesn't kill the battery. Oh and one that even a cave man can install.

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I installed an Armed Guard alarm system in my K1100LT last year and like it so much that I am putting the same system in my RT this weekend.


I bought the perimeter sensor option, which is extremely sensitive but adjustable to suit your requirements. At full sensitivity you can't get any closer that 20 feet from the bike, but it can be scaled down so the bike goes off only when you're right up to it. The tilt sensor goes off with a nudge. Audible beeps indicate when the the bike is Armed with sensor active, Armed with sensor inactive and disarmed. An LED light flashes to indicate an alarm is present and active.


I have not experienced any issue with battery drain, with the exception of the little battery in the key-fob which I forgot to replace this spring. The alarm is activated by turning off the bike unless you veto it with the key fog. If the battery is dead in the fob your only way of disabling the alarm is by pulling the fuse, which ideally is hidden out of sight.


Installation was fairly easy. My LT took me about 5 hours but I figure I can install it in my RT in less than two now that I understand the process.


For info: http://www.armedguard.com/shop/index.php?shop=1&cat=3

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