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The GLENO memorial KEY TAG is HERE!


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This is my one time announcement of a very special product.


As a small memento to a TRUELY GREAT man Glen Mc InTosh

I offer to you all this key tag.


It's a accurate reproduction of his license plate with his favorite saying on the back.


The key tag was debuted May 18, 2007 at one of Glen's favorite places to ride. A event called and held in Torrey, Utah.


I wanted to offer this momento to all his friends and to those of you who were not able to attend and get one in person.


Each key tag is 5.00 dollars.

All the profits go to Glen's family.


Please email me directly with your address information and quantity desired.

You will then be given instructions on where to send payment with applicable shipping. Paypal will also be available.


There is a limited number of tags available. First come first served. Show your support let's sell these tags out!


Email Tony at kochproducts@sbcglobal.net




Thank you,


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Les is more

Thank you Tony.


I'm going to lock this thread and encourage people to use the e mail which you've provided.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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