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How to clean gloves? STINKY!!!


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Gadfry. My gloves make my hands smell so stinky it takes a day to get back to normal. I wear leather/kanga high end protective gloves, have two different brands, and they both make my hands STINK.


Is there a way to clean them to de-stinkify them? I can't get through six months of riding without this problem arising when I buy new gloves.

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I've successfully cleaned a couple of pairs of leather gloves by simply putting them in the washing machine on the gentle cycle with "Woolite" soap. (If they are too funky, try rinsing their interior with some "Sink the Stink" wetsuit deoderizer from a scuba store.) After the gloves are washed and dried, treat them with a good quality leather balm/oil.


And from now on, BE SURE TO WASH YER' HANDS AFTER USING THE TOILET... lmao.gifwave.giflmao.gif

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Be sure to let the leather air dry in the shade and not in a machine or the sun. Put them on wet after the wash to shape them to your hand and then let them dry.

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Is there a way to clean them to de-stinkify them?

Don't know how well this works against already stinky items, but on my hockey gear there's this stuff I use that does a pretty good job - "No B.O."


Very effective on the palm leather material in gloves. Spray it on, let it dry. And it's pretty neutral, not a perfumey mask-the-odor-with-another-overpowering-smell kind of thing either.

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Thanks for the replies, fellers, I had also contacted two different Motostrano (glove brand) dealers, one of whom suggested Febreze...not doing that, and the other suggested this (I know who I'll buy from next time!):


Hi Mark,



Sweat certainly can and does degrade the leather. It is mostly the salts that come out of the skin, but can also be from hand care products, dirt and grime building up.



To try cleaning them effectively -

Fill sink with warm water, and get gloves throughly soaked.

Wash your hands with a good amount of mild natural soap (Dr Bonner's, etc.) rinse.

Lather you hands again, but this time put the gloves on. Make the same gloves washing motions as you would do without the gloves on

Soap and lather the outside of the gloves, more handwashing - not too aggressive but firmly.

Then lots of rinsing, especially inside.

Squeeze gently but do not wring.

I hang mine on a clothes line, out of direct sun, over night if needed. They will look a bit stiff and wrinkled but after wearing will adjust back. (not to brand new of course!).



Any time you get them very sweaty, it is a good practice to a minimum rinse the interior out throughly. Soaping does not harm the gloves, but just like our clothes, takes some life out of them eventually. I was mine about once, or twice a year if after a hot long sweaty trip.



Other thought is to check with Johnson's leathers.... Alan and staff really know leather, they sell Racer, and might have better advice or special products to recommend.



Hope this helps.




Racer US /laMOTOvita

510 986 1915

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You might try sprinkling some Anti-Monkeybutt Powder in your gloves...it has calamine and some other drying agents in it. Too bad their not deerskin, you simply wash them with a mild hand soap like Ivory and then gently squeeze out the water and let them air dry...they end up as soft as the day they were new, but not so for cow hide leather.


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