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Brake light switch adjustment


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A co-worker has a 1999 R1100 RT, the brake light stays on without the brakes being applied, I believe there is an adjustable switch near the brake pedal that can correct this, anyone have any information to confirm this and preferably a picture (worth a thousand words) showing where the switch is?



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The adjustment screw is on the brake pedal lever near the bend as circled here.



If you depress the brake pedal you can see the flapper from the switch as circled here.




To turn the brake light off, loosen the locknut, loosen the screw (so it protrudes further from the pedal) and retighten the locknut.

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This is exactly the same issue (light staying on with no apparent lever action) that caused my bike to fail the UK MOT test (a mandatory annual roadworthiness assessment for any vehicle 4 years or more older). Looking closer, I could see that the lever actuated the light properly, but if the lever had been depressed firmly, it stuck on the way back, leaving the light on.


After disconnecting the push rod from the back of the lever, and working the lever manually, it was obvious that the lever mechanism had simply become gunged up with all sorts of road dirt, and was not travelling freely. A serious dose of WD-40 cleared the problem, the lever moves as it should, and the light works perfectly well.


Try it before you look elsewhere. the job took me less than 3 minutes to complete.

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