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Getting back into biking: gearing up


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I'm getting back into riding after five years or so of exclusively four wheeled transportation. Looks like I'll be buying an R1100S from a private party in the next couple of weeks.


I gave away or sold my old riding gear so I'm in the market for new stuff. I'll need a warm/hot weather jacket, some boots, some gloves and a helmet.


Seems like things have changed a fair bit since last I shopped for motorcycle gear. Looking for some recommendations. Don't need top of the line quality but I would like to get some decent stuff. Maybe $1,000 or less for everything. I don't have a ton of extra time so I'd like to buy the stuff online from some merchant with a reasonable return policy.


Thanks for any suggestions.


PS. Note that I am 6'4" 210# so if the jacket doesn't come in tall sizes it's probably not going to work for me.

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Olympia Gear

I had been riding with Joe Rocket. Discovered this gear within the past 30 days. I'm enjoying this jacket now:



Reasonably priced. Fits great. Cool and comfortable.

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Try the Spidi clearance stuff at motonation. Personally I'd put a lot of the Spidi stuff on par with BMW products, so it might be a bit high end for what you're looking for... Still, I like it. I'm considering the ergo setup even though I don't need it...


Try one of the EXO-700's as well. The solid blue one for $117 shipped is a great deal.

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Give Motorcycle Closeouts a look see. I have had great luck with them. No affiliation etc etc etc


I've purchased a lot of stuff at Motorcycle Closeouts since I currently gear up five of us. They've been great people to work with and all the stuff I've purchased have been top notch. I've returned only one item because it didn't fit and they had no problems taking them back.

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