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Next best thread to oil; static or spin balance...


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I tried a search on this, & came up empty.


When I get tires, the shop spin balances the front, but they don't have an adapter for the rear wheel (not a BMW shop). Therefore, I do it at home with my handy-dandy Marc Parnes.


I always check the front, just 'cause I'm anal that way. Inevitably, it needs a little fine tuning. Not much, but like I said, that's how I am.


So, my question; Is one type of balancing better than the other?


I have a hunch this will be more about opinion, but some technical input would be useful, too.



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I dunno about best, but, I usually can get my tires pretty close to even without weights just by doing a little spin on the axle with the brake calipers removed.

When I had my RT, I just took them to Cycle Gear and paid the $10 to have them mounted/balanced.

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Paul Mihalka

I think the main reason for spin balancing motorcycle tires in the shops is time saving. The machine tells how much weight to put where in one step. Time literally is money. I don't think it does a better job than static.

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I think Paul hit it on the head...time is money. End of story. I have been doing the Marc Parnes for awhile and can't imagine a shop spending the same amount of time as I do for a fixed price. And there is no way I would pay the hourly rate equal to the time I spend frigging around with the balancing of my tires.


Same goes for the valve adjustment. I spent a fair amount of time getting them as close as I can. No way would the average person pay the cost for a shop to do that...


Jim W.

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There are two types of balancing: static and dynamic.


Dynamic balancing is intended for wider wheels like a car wheel, where you not only must balance the wheel so it has no heavy point when it rotates, it must be balanced from side to side as well.


A motorcycle wheel it too narrow for dynamic balance to make any difference. A simple static balance that ensures the wheel has no heavy point, is sufficient. Just remember to roughly distribute any weights equally on both sides of the rim.

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You're supposed to balance them??? tongue.gif


Seriously, I don't. I've never had a motorcycle tire so out of balance that I could feel it.

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