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Long Way Down started today


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Just got an email from the Long Way Down guys saying that they are leaving for Africa today. I think my riding in Utah and Boney's trip has them worried about loosing publicity.


Wish them the best.


Long Way Down Site



Kaisr thumbsup.gif

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sweet. I read the book last year. Just finishing the videos. They complement each other a bit, but the book is a bit more negative.


Anyway, I haven't looked around much but was there ever a complete list of gear for the first one?


looking at the new site - Seems more organized this time. Still riding the r1200gs adventures smile.gif

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looking at the new site - Seems more organized this time. Ack, no Claudio the cameraman frown.gif
Claudio's involved though...


The organized chaos was part of the charm IMHO...


I'll buy the DVD's when they come out for sure. I hope I don't have to import them from GB this time to get them in a timely manner.

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[edited my post] didn't see him on the site, but found him on bbc.com


I thought the DVDs came out here, but the UK ones were better.


What an inspiring trip. Jealous to take a trip where you aren't exactly sure where you'll be tomorrow. someday.

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