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Need electrical help


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I have been using a Roady2 and a Mix-it for some time now with no problems (also have an Escort 8500 and occassionally GPS hooked up to the Mix-it). I've been running this set up for a couple of years with no problems. I recently put a signal splitter on the Mix-it out-put jack so that my passenger could also listen to the music. This seemed to be working fine at first but after a while we both began hearing a loud poping sound through the ear plug speakers. The poping sound was not constant but it would occassionally come up and there would be numerous loud pops heard through the right earplug speaker. I cant say exactly how often the poping noises came up but it happened several times throughout our last ride. Any ideas or suggestions from any of our electronic gurus?



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Loose or dirty contact/plug/jack upstream of the Mix-it would be my first guess. Does disconnecting one of the inputs effect it?

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First troubleshooting step is try it without the splitter (and only one headset).


When you added the second headset, you effectively split the impedance seen by the Mix-it amp in half, and doubled the current. Some amps are built to deal with that, but not all.


Whatever the reason, I'm inclined to disagree with the dirty/loose contacts theory. That could produce a variety of noises, but I don't think popping would be one time.

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