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Any suggestions for aftermarket windscreen for short rider?


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Just got my RT on Friday with the low seat. It's hot back there behind the windshield, AND I have to stretch to see over it on its lowest setting. frown.gif I also have some issues reaching the ground and will be taking the bike in for a bit of seat trimming later this week. My husband likes his windshield just fine and in comparing the two bikes, we realized that with the lower seat I am placed much lower in relation to the windshield than he is with the stock seat. DUH!


Anyway, I am 5'2" with a 29" inseam (to the bottom of my foot) which definitely places me in the shorter rider category. My Daddy always told me I should be able to see over the windshield, and I can't with the stock screen. (I can sort of look over, but am stuck looking through the edge with a fair bit of distortion). Raising the screen and looking through it yields no air on me, and it gets mighty warm.


I am thinking of plunking down the cash for a Cee Bailey's Sumdome which is 5" shorter than the stock screen. I figure with the lower seat and my short stature, this is probably the way to go.


Has anybody out there tried this screen? Do you like it? Is there anyone else in the world of RT as short as me? If so, what have you done in this regard?

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Well, I guess I'll bite the bullett grin.gif and try one and see what I think. I just ordered the Cee Bailey's Sumdome. It's supposed to be shipped in 7 to 10 days. Stay tuned. lurker.gif

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Interesting post Sharon. I'm 5'2.5" but claim 5'3" to feel tall. lmao.gif I find I can look over the top of the shield in the lowest position and get plenty of air but LOUD. So I ride with it up high and look through most of the time. Even with it up if I sit up very straight I can look over. I was actually looking at aftermarket shields that would be a little taller and wider to make it quieter. I'm going to try a different helmet too.


I'm going to run to Arkansas tomorrow and back Sunday. I'll get some profile pics on the bike with the shield in different positions just for grins. I need pics to get an aftermarket seat on order anyway.


Would love to compre pics with you just to see where the top of the shield hits you.

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I can only see over the windshield with it in the lowest position. Even then, my view of the road and around curves is a bit distorted. I can raise the shield up all the way and look through it if the distortion gets to be too much of a distraction. Are you running a low seat on the low position?


The shield or perhaps my helmet is also noisy and there seems to be very little difference in the noise when I raise or lower the shield.


So far, my new sports shield hasn't shipped yet. A lot of the folks over on the bmwlt.com forum are running cee baileys windshields. I will post some pics when I get the new shield.



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